“I have used Canterbury Enterprises repeatedly to not only save time but money as well in sending out mail-based communications to my Clients. In an environment where cost containment is critical but quality remains essential, Canterbury was able to fulfill my requirements in a time-sensitive manner. I also benefit from knowing I’ve helped the community by engaging people with disabilities in meaningful work.”

-Jonathan Devers, Edward Jones

“My Law Firm has been a client of Canterbury Enterprises for several years. We utilize their services for the bulk mailings of our quarterly newsletters to our Firm’s clients. The service Canterbury provides is exceptional, makes our job of getting the newletter out easy, and is extremely cost effective. What used to take our Firm’s staff, including me and my family, up to six (6) weeks to print, fold, sort, stuff and mail (on overtime, and on many nights and weekends) now takes a matter of a day or two, thanks to the dedicated and capable employees and staff at Canterbury Enterprises. Now, all I do is e-mail the addresses to Canterbury, and they pick up the supplies, print and fold the newsletter, sort and stuff the envelopes, and then take everything to the post office for mailing. They have saved me, my family and our Firm’s staff and their families many hours of repetitive, labor-intensive work. And, Canterbury costs less! So, Canterbury makes our lives easier, more efficient and less costly. I recommend Canterbury Enterprises without reservation.”

Richard B. Hein
Attorney at Law
The Law Office of Richard B. Hein

“All I can say is Canterbury Enterprises has been great for us. You found cost effective solutions to our problems and have been able to meet most any deadline we have set for you. In addition, the feedback and suggestions you have made have helped improve the end product. I love delivering to your warehouse as everyone greets me with a handshake and a smile.”

Dan Dawson
Good Times, Inc.

“The Archdiocese of St. Louis Office of Human Resources has used Canterbury Enterprises for several years with most of our communications to all the employees of the Archdiocese. We want to support our community and the disabled, along with using a business that provides a cost effective service. With very high accuracy and promptness, the employees of Canterbury have assembled thousands of communications over the last four years in a helpful, friendly environment. We look forward to working with Canterbury for years to come.”

Anne Hager
Benefits Specialist

“Canterbury Enterprises has done an excellent job with our mailings for many years now. The employees are extremely careful and conscientious and the best part is that we do not need to be involved in the bulk mailing part of the job. When I think back to the old days with temporary help and those “bulk mailing” videos we had to watch each year, I realize how much I appreciate the work that Canterbury provides.”

Martha Aronson
Data Manager
The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis